Mr. T. Wig

The Coolest Mr T. Wig Ever!!

Naming off some of the best all-around action shows on television of my life, one that always hits the near top of my list is the ‘A-Team’, a rarely great show that features a group of mercenaries that are on the run from the military most of the time while making money by doing odd jobs such as snatch bad guys or get money somehow. Since all of them are ex-members of the elite Special Forces, they are all trained in hand-to-hand combat and advanced weaponry. Having this combination amongst their group makes them a deadly force to be reckoned with, yet the gang seems to all find common ground to get along with each other, except when it comes to Mr.T.

Laurence Tureaud, whom the show introduces as B.A. Baracus (BA= Bad Ass), is the seemingly delegated ‘enforcer’ of the group due to his frame. He is the one that often is kicking in doors or snatching up two people at once. The entire team is widely known for their acrobatic maneuvers and high-action stunts which no one gets really injured on too badly. Mr. T has taken such famous lines as ‘I pity the fool’ and given them life, taking the phrase to pro wrestling and even forming his own show. He is also, of course, on the Rocky III movie, playing the bad ass boxer ‘Clubber Lang’. Currently, he still remains a bodyguard and motivational speaker while also sporting the loads of jewelry that has made him famous throughout the years.

Along with the many pieces of gold that he wears on his neck, Mr. T is famous for his spiked mohawk which is generally kept short. He has never had his hair any other way, and to this day – even reaching 60 years old – he still wears that same mohawk. Although many other people have attempted to imitate Mr. T, the only real way you can look anything close to his famous guise is to get a Mr. T wig, some gloves with the fingers cut off, about 12 pounds of solid gold jewelry for your neck, and a totally bad attitude to boot. This look would be optimal at work parties to set a bully straight, or just to act goofy around the town.

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