Belle Wig

The Best Belle Wig Ever!

War movies have become a tradition to watch for their seemingly realistic accounts of things that have happened during battle in various countries. History Channel has many great post-war documentaries, yet having people act out vital characters and actions that take place in a war adds to the realistic value of the movie. While most movies revolve around ground combats, there are only a handful of movies that actually take place about Air battles and situations, yet one of the best that aced it was Memphis Belle, a movie that came out roughly 1990 that revolves around the twenty-fifth and final mission of the B-17 bomber which, at that time, was stationed in England.

The story begins with the crew of the bomber being grounded while their aircraft is being repaired; while in waiting, various other planes are landing having completed their own missions. All of the planes that are incoming make a safe landing except for one that explodes while attempting a safe landing, wiping out the entire crew on board. Later that evening, it is announced that the Belle is about to begin the last mission upon which when it returns, a massive feast and party will take place. The movie then takes some twist and turns before the plot finally brings them around to the Belle landing, although not elegantly, with one of the crew members injured. The movie was dedicated to the people who fought for us, especially the Air Force, during the war at that time, WWII. It still remains one of the great movies of all time.

The clothing that was worn by the pilots and crew members were your standard issued military uniforms at the time with the hats to match. Women wore their service skirts and the same hats; therefore, should you want to relive this epic era in history, then find yourself the perfect Memphis Belle wig, which consists of a full head of hair cut short for the guys, a bun for the girls, and get a military uniform. Once these items are gathered, then you need to head on out to the nearest Air Force base and watch all of the planes go by, wishing and wondering what life was like in the military times of the 1940′s.

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