Blue Beard

The Meaniest Blue Beard Ever!!

Bluebeard, the 17th century masterpiece about a wealthy businessman with the same name that had an ugly looking blue colored beard that set his appearance apart from anyone else. He marries a young maiden and immediately moves her into his expensive villa, then suddenly announces that he is leaving the country, leaving the wife in charge of the villa. She is given the keys to every room that contains treasures and is told to have fun; she is then told about a room in the basement that she must never enter no matter what. And, of course, we all know that curiosity gets the best of anyone, so she goes into the forbidden room anyway.

Once she enters the room, she finds the bloodbath that is later described as the bodies of Bluebeards many other wives. She runs out of the room with a now blood-stained key and tells her family about this murderous monster. Suddenly it dawns on the maiden to flee the castle but it is too late because Bluebeard finally came home and discovers she went into the forbidden room against his commands. He vows to behead the woman; she pleads and asks for about fifteen minutes to say her prayers, giving enough time for her two brothers to show up. Just before the vicious mad man delivers the final fatal blow, the brothers kill the murderous Bluebeard, leaving all of his treasures to be split by his wife. She divides it up equally and eventually marries a wonderful man who helps her to forget the horrifying experience she just had.

This is a truly wonderful tale that is told by the late French author Charles Perrault, who wrote many other similar chilling tales. If you would love to inherit your own blue beard, then you certainly can do so. Bluebeard had facial hair that was wild and unkempt, which was utterly hideous. However, you can have a more manageable blue beard that can be shared by your friends and family as well. Blue is an excellent color for a beard and simply unique, and they are a great accessory to use when you are in a play, doing cosplay with friends, or simply want something a little exciting to go out on the town with.

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