Homey The Clown Wig

The Craziest Homey The Clown Wig Online

Homey the Clown, not to be mistaken for the Simpson’s character of the same name, is perhaps one of the main reasons people watched ‘In Living Color’, the extremely comical comedy show on Fox that featured dancing and plenty of well-known personalities, including the Wayans brothers, and what the springboard that Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey needed to shoot their careers into the next galaxy. Many other well-known faces starred in this comedy act, including the ever lovely J-Lo. If you can find a station that has retro television shows, this is one hit show you cannot miss.

Taped in front of a live and participating audience, many stars came and went from this show that featured many comedy acts and famous phrases that are still spoken today. One of the most renowned of these comedy skits is performed by Homey D. Clown, the ever funny ex-felon who works as a clown named Herman as a stipulation for being let out on parole. Damon Wayans plays the role of the funny clown that hates being asked to perform the actual role of a clown and often times will hit people on the head with a sock filled with a tennis ball in utter anger. The character of Homey is the only one to have received good enough reviews to merit having his own personal video game line released. And, of course, the ever funny Wayans plays several other roles throughout the run of the program which went off air in 1994.

As one could imagine, Homey D. Clown is wearing a clown outfit that is strikingly similar to that of Bozo the Clown from the show of the same general name. The only major difference is that his clown costume is yellow and light red with a large ruffled collar. He has the same red ball on his nose and paints his face in similar fashion that other clowns do. Finding an authentic Homey D. Clown wig should be an easy catch considering it mainly entails a normal bald top with red hair on the side’s type of appearance. Relive the early 90′s in style and have something to wear at costume parties and birthday parties as well by purchasing a Homey D. Clown wig and matching costume.

David Spade Wig

The Coolest David Spade Wig Ever!!

If you are a glutton for comedy movies and can’t get enough of acts like Adam Sandler or even George Carlin, then you should definitely look into the comedy acts of David Spade and all of the films, shows and stand-up acts he has done in his life thus far. The Michigan-born super funny comedian gone actor got his start in the acting world as a simply sarcastic yet witty critic of various people and items on the Saturday Night Live show. From there, he went on to star in many movies and television comedy sitcoms like ‘Just Shoot Me’ and the movie that solidified his funny yet serious nature, ‘Joe Dirt’. He remains tops on lists of funny actors all over the world.

Spade spend his erratic college years at Arizona State performing small comedy skits while also working at many small odd jobs to make ends meet, one of which was a championship skee ball player. With the help of his buddy Dennis Miller, he was able to join the SNL circuit in 1990, getting a regular writing and cast member position right out of the gate. Some of the other acts he is associated with include Beavis and Butthead, appearing on commercials for credit card company Capital One, and most recently he stars on the CBS comedy show ‘Rules of Engagement’, starring as Russell. There are plenty of acts not listed here; you can easily find out more about Spade through Wiki’s and other sites, including perhaps his own.

Early in his career and all the way through present day, Spade has changed his hair styles quite frequently. He has gone from the mullet to the bowl-style of haircut all the way back to the mullet; his style now represents the ‘rough boy’ persona, wearing it wild and sort of rocker style. People that love David Spade enough to be like him can easily go online and find David Spade wigs that are shaped perfectly based on the many roles he’s been in throughout the life of his career. Since all things including movie stars tend to get better with age, there is no telling what kind of hair Spade will have in the future, so you may as well enjoy a David Spade wig now while he is still blond.

Blonde Mullet

The Greatest Blonde Mullet Online

Anyone who has lived through the seventies and eighties probably endured a number of great hair styles like the Aqua Net era when ladies would put on a can of the spray in one sitting, or the hair band era which seen men grow long curly hair well down by their buttocks area. The one hair style that seemed to have survived the era of evolving hairdos is the mullet, a totally radical method in keeping men’s hair semi long while not hiding their faces. The idea of the mullet has been around for several long decades and continues to be a nifty little hair cut for the right people. A blond mullet seemed to be the most popular amongst the ladies in that era.

The blond mullet wig can give you the good feeling of a young country boy that is working hard on the farm or in the factory, throwing back a couple of beers with the woman by his side. It can also bring you plenty of compliments when you go to rock concerts, considering past stars like Sting and David Bowie have been known to sport a blond mullet and rocking the stage in style. You could also be that rockstar with a totally posh mullet if you want, and since they are easy to care for and require only a wig cap to keep in place, you can go totally mullet anytime that you wished to do so. Thanks to the mullet, I was able to make it through high school in style.

The one-time small initial investment in a blond mullet wig is worth a lifetime of great use. Since it would take considerable amount of time for people to grow a mullet and then color it blond, not everyone would be able to enjoy the benefits of owning a blond mullet. For the person that wants a daring new look that costs less than $20.00, the blond mullet is the best solution on the market, and will remain so until someone decides that mullets are out. Realistically speaking, however, you can wear a blond mullet regardless of what others say because if David Spayde can sport a mullet on the silver screen, then anyone should be able to have a blond mullet.

Beard & Mustache Set

Get Your Favorite Beard & Mustache Set Today!

Finding a gift for the man in your life for birthdays or Christmas can challenge even the greatest shopper since no one really knows what is in the mind of the man. We speculate that big televisions, fast cars, and gadgets are what most men ogle over. However, there are the sensitive men out there who simply want to look better and more distinguished, yet cannot grow facial hair to get the right beard or moustache they want. If you need a great gift idea for the man in your world, perhaps you should get a beard & moustache set for them to have a look that boosts their self-confidence and make a woman more attracted to them, even for just a short while.

Men with beards and well-trimmed moustaches are seen by society as men who are distinguished, make smart choices, and take care of themselves very well. If you are the kind of man, or you know one, that has difficulty in growing facial hair or simply wants to augment the facial hair that you have now, then a beard and moustache set may be the tool you have always been seeking. Also, if you are in theatrical productions and often change your guise to fit a certain role you are portraying, it is good practice to have the right beard and moustache collection on hand at all times for these sudden outfit changes. No more worrying about waiting to grow facial hair for decades; these sets are already pre-cut to fit most men’s upper lip area, and can even be trimmed to suit anyone.

Having a Fu Manchu beard or even a long Confucius beard is the aspiration of many men that have often thought outside of their current appearance. Beard and moustache kits are an affordable and easy to maintain alternative to using expensive topical solutions to try and grow hair, and they are also more practical in the sense that these sets never grow. No matter what phase of adulthood you decide to get a beard & moustache set, there is one that is perfect for any age or race, and with the costs for these being relatively low, you can perhaps buy a few different shades to match various outfits you have.

Yellow Wigs

The Best Yellow Wigs Ever!!

Being in the market for a wig can be a challenging and trying time for anyone, especially if they are not accustomed to shopping for wigs. No one wants to look plain and boring, yet no one wants to be too loud that they attract the wrong kinds of attention. So, what people tend to do is look for several different colors of wigs that fit their personality and can not only look great for special occasions but also give them something radical to wear when out with friends or acting a part in a theatrical performance. One great shade of wig that people are eating up these days is yellow; a bright color, yet yellow wigs are also great for many types of parties and events.

One great use for a yellow wig would be for a female pirate costume. Imagine commanding a ship full of hard working men and plundering treasure from other ships you encounter. You could live a wonderful fantasy by having a yellow wig added to a pirate costume. Another great reason to buy yellow wigs is to bring out the real Disney princess in you. If you read most any book that has a light-skinned princess, they tend to have yellow hair that is passed off as blond. With the right yellow wig and a sundress, you can be the real-life Cinderella you have always wanted to become as a child. Finally, yellow wigs are optimal for those engaging in cosplay or other types of anime because a lot of Japanese anime characters have bright colored hair, such as yellow.

Yellow wigs are the truly best way to express your flowery personality. Even if your natural hair color is black or brown you can still own a yellow wig so that when the occasion calls for a different color of wig, you are fully prepared to act quickly. Yellow wigs are also great for the kids who simply want to play dress-up with each other or want to imitate a certain character they follow on cartoons. Everyone could have a useful purpose for owning a yellow wig, so I encourage you to purchase a yellow wig and live all of your colorful fantasies today while there is still plenty of life in you.