Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Murder Mystery Dinner

If you are looking for a party idea that is completely done for you and all you need to supply is the costume and the food take a look at the Murder Mystery dinner party games (  These provide hours of entertainment as everyone tries to figure out who the murderer in their midst is (hint, don’t count yourself out!).

Murder Mystery Party

Putting together a great costume is one of the best parts of the night.  My Costume Wigs has a whole range of wigs for each type of Murder Mystery Party.  For the looks below you could use any of our 1920’s wigs:

1920's fluff wigs

And moustaches:



The only mystery for the night will be the big question, “Who done it?”.

David Bowie Exhibit…Are You Ready?

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art recently opened new exhibition, “David Bowie Is…” which features more than 300 objects spanning the entirety of the musician’s career—from handwritten lyric sheets to set designs, instruments to costumes.


David Bowie, as we look over the course of your career we are pretty sure one of your ancestors was a chameleon.  Which is great for us since it provides such rich fodder in the Halloween department!  If you are not afraid to wear clothes you have to spoon yourself into, a David Bowie costume is probably right down your alley.  His Ziggy Stardust days in the 70′s gave the world unitards missing one shoulder and one leg, glittery shirts and pants, and baby blue tuxedos.  Because unitards with vertical stripes that are missing limbs are hard to come by we’ve put together an easier look for all your David Bowie needs.  Start with the David Bowie wig in Cyclamen and pair it with a tight glitter shirt and a pair of glitter pants (don’t know how to come by a glitter shirt, check out this link to diy: HOW TO: Glitter a Shirt.

Don’t own a pair of glitter pants? Make your own with sequins: DIY SEQUIN EMBELLISHED DENIM SHORTS).

Remember to leave the buttons open on the front of your shirt almost down to your belly button.


If you can find some awesome red vinyl boots, USE THEM!  If not, you can make your own with some red duct tape (

Finish the look with a Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt, courtesy of Nasty Girl ( and as David Bowie once said, “You’re an instant star.  Just add water and stir!”

It’s a Grinch-y Christmas!

We are in the middle of our Free Friday Giveaway Madness!

My Costume Wigs gave away a free Santa wig and beard set to one of our friends, Mindy Eyre! Winner!

Feeling left out? We’ve got more giveaways in store! This week, we are giving away one of our popular Grinch Christmas Wigs.

 This wig is based on the ever-popular, ever-classic  How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss.

Written in rhymed verse with illustrations by the author, It was published in 1957. The book criticizes the commercialization of Christmas. A classic of all Christmas classic, It was one of the “Top 100 Picture Books” of all time.  If you haven’t heard of if, you are obviously from another planet.

While reading the book last night (one of our family’s Christmas traditions), I thought, what better place to wear The Grinch wig, yet another cool wig from My Costume Wigs, at your very own Grinch-y Themed Christmas party!

Cue the music:

Let’s start planning, shall we?

First, we need invitations. I am somewhat crafty, but my Pinterest board is filling up with all the projects I want to complete but never, ever have time to do! So, lately, I am all convenience, which, for me, is another word for “less stress”.

There are lots of fun invitation ideas out there. Most are digital files that you can purchase and can be created with your specific information and emailed to you for printing. (This one prints it for you! Yay!)

Invitations? Check! Let’s move on to decorations.

I LOVE this center piece, so Dr. Suess-like.

Grinch inspired Christmas centerpiece - cute! 

Also found this: How fun to hang these ornaments throughout the house?

Hang Christmas bulbs from front porch Grinch style

Or, how about a personal appearance? haha!


Invitations? Check!
Decorations? Check!

Food… (This happens to be my favorite part!)

How about a little cocktail  ?  

The Grinch! How fun for a Grinch-y themed Christmas party. Don't forget to grab the Cindy Lou Who  and Grinch wig!

Could create some who pudding. delicious salad (greens..goes with the theme!)

Followed by some light “Roast Beast” sandwiches,

Roast "Beast" - Perfect sandwiches for a Grinch Party!

Who Hash (Who what? Click on the picture, I found a recipe.)

The Grinch Who Hash

When you are all stuffed and ready for dessert, how about whipping up one of these beauties? :)


No? These might be more like it…

grinch cupcakes

Grinch cupcakes with a heart inside

After your guests have had their share of the Grinch, send them home with a fun Grinch party favor. This blog even has a free printable!

Don’t forget to get the adorable matching Cindy Lou Who wig to complete the party.

Be sure to send us pictures of your party! An invitation would be better, but I’ll take a picture, I guess!

Also, time’s running out! Don’t forget to enter to win the Grinch Christmas Wig Giveaway going on until December 14th. ENTER TODAY!




The Man in the Red Suit Wig Giveaway!

My Costume Wigs just announced their newest sweepstakes: Free Friday Giveaway! We are adding a little jingle to your Holidays by giving away our most loved Santa Wig in honor of Mr. Morris Parker of Ohio.

What ever could I do with it? Oh, need you ask??! It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. In fact, I found this blog that give more than 4 pages of ideas of things we can do – Random Acts of Kindness, if you will. Even better that we do them this time of year! Each idea can be tailored to your area, whether you live in the bustling city or the calming countryside! I got to thinking…why not do these RAOK (you know, Random Acts of Kindness) in a SANTA WIG! Even better, gather your family and friends and wear matching wigs. Who wouldn’t gather some Holiday Cheer with a flock of friendly Santa’s heading your way? (Of course, this could turn tragic if they are heading with too much jolly zest!)

I’ve come up with 10 RAOK to do with a Santa costume on:

(in Christmas colors because I am feeling rather festive today!!)


1. Find a family in your area whose family member is serving overseas and thank them in a fun way.

2. Hand out a balloon with fun note—anywhere!

3. Stop in a favorite restaurant and offer to help clean the
tables or take something off their list that day.

4. Set up a free hot cocoa stand for an area or group
that could really use it.

5. Take a toy (or a bag full) to donate.

6. Go to your favorite grocery story and give a candy cane & note to every person that serves you each week.

7. Tuck money into the toy section of any store with a little note for one happy boy or girl.

8. Leave an encouraging message using sidewalk chalk in neighbor’s driveway—anonymously.

9. Pass out donuts to your neighbors as they
leave for work in the morning.

10. Pay someone’s toll or parking meter.

The possibilities are endless! Think of how much good you could do in just a few short minutes!

I also came across this touching video of a Christmas Flash Mob. I’ll admit, this may or may not be one of my secret dreams. (Click below or enter into your web browser.)

Christmas Flash Mob

So, while you are thinking about ideas and wishing you were singing in a mall, go ahead and enter our Free Friday Giveaway and treat yourself to a little extra Holiday cheer!



Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Sights and sounds of Christmas are popping up everywhere! It seems the second the turkey is put away, we all start planning our Christmas Holiday! Not that I’m complaining! It’s my favorite time of year.

I received a letter last week from a Mr. Morris Parker from Ohio. Mr. Parker has adopted his childhood elementary school and spends countless hours volunteering throughout the year. For the past 27 years, Mr. Parker has single handedly collected books, educational materials and requested corporate donations to benefit the students of Youngstown City School District. And he does all this using public transportation, not to mention his own money! Not only does he provide the school with needed educational materials and funds, he dresses up for activities throughout the year including the Easter Bunny for Easter. Of course, none of this was mentioned in his letter. I only found out the extent of his service and dedication to the community from the Principal of the school who said this to Mr. Parker in a letter that she shared with me:

“Just saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough for all the hours, money and energy you put into the Adopt-a-School Program. There are so many things that I could not accomplish without your help. Who would give more than 27 years of service anywhere without pay, especially having only public transportation?”

The purpose of Mr. Parker’s letter was to request a Santa Wig donation for his beautiful Santa Claus costume. Every year, he visits the schools as Santa Claus and gives the children candy canes. The children look forward to this exciting visit throughout the year.

When I read this letter, I was reminded of all the good people in the world. People like Mr. Parker who dedicate countless hours helping, uplifting and serving their community.

At My Costume Wigs, we are all about having a good time, dressing up and playing a special role at special events. But Mr. Parker’s letter reminded me dressing up can really, truly benefit the lives of other people in not only by the way we look, but in the way we act.

Soo…. we introduce

In honor or Mr. Parker, My Costume Wigs is kicking off our FREE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY by giving away a Santa Wig! Throughout the month of December, we will be giving one free, but different wig away each Friday!! WAHOO! Bring on the holiday cheer!

Enter to win on our Facebook Page or on our website.

1. You must first “like” us (that’s easy to do, right?)

2. Enter your email.

3. Then you must share the Facebook tab on your page.

Those that complete all three requirements will be entered into the contest. We will choose the first winner randomly on Friday, December 7th – just in time for Christmas parties! Check back often! Each Friday is a new wig and a new chance to win!!

What good will YOU do with your new Santa Wig?

Enter Now!

Winner! Winner! Winner!

It’s over! The 2012 My Costume Wigs Halloween Photo Contest is over and boy did we get a winner! Congratulations to Autumn who won the $50 gift card to Amazon with her darling little Cindy Lou Who (which, is now our #1 all time best selling wig!!)

“Thanks to the great wig her costume was a hit everyplace we went. Everyone wanted to know about it! Thanks for a great well made product. Definitely made the costume”
- Autumn C.

Aww, thanks! We really have the best customers around. I mean, look at these costumes:

Some were hysterical (or maybe disturbing!):

Paula Deen

Some were amazing:

Some were a little, well, freaky.

And some were magical:

Thank you to our wonderful customers!! A BIG Thanks for those that submitted costume photos – it is so exciting to see our wigs in the “real world!” Did I mention that I love my job?


General Custer Wig

The Coolest General Custer Wig Online!

The American Civil war is perhaps one of the pinnacle events that has ever occurred in our history and will go down as such due to the many battles that were lost, territories that were taken over, and memorable battles that ensued on a daily basis. There are many war heroes and generals that took matters into their own hands when the situation called for it, and not many of the could direct their armies better than General George Custer, the mastermind cavalry commander of the Indian War and the American Civil War. Even though Custer was a near West Point Academy dropout, he was enlisted as a Union officer when the war began to break out, and made history from that point on.

His first piece of action was Battle of Bull Run which was the first of many different battles that he would end up fighting in. He was eventually appointed captain of his own Calvary within a short period of time, and was able to lead his troops through some of the most epic, long and grueling battles of all time. Custer is thought to have fathered a child with a Cherokee woman; however, since many researchers believe that Custer was sterile since he was in West Point, the actual Cherokee woman’s pregnancy is more than likely Custer’s brother Thomas. Many have mere speculation as to how Custer actually died with some historians believing that he was shot by White Bull the Indian, while others speculate that he was killed in action somehow. Nothing has been proven to be concrete in terms of his actual cause of death.

Custer wore the standard issue of Union clothing, consisting of the basic button down uniform jacket, hat, and boots. His hair was sort of curly and he also wore a moustache and small beard. Going to a medieval revival fair or even out for a convention would be so much more fun with the help of a General Custer wig, which would make you the talk of the Union town you are in, or possibly get you shot if seen rolling around in Confederate territory. He is a true hero of a war that changed the face of our nation forever, and you can own a piece of that history today with a General Custer wig.

Mrs. Doubtfire

The Greatest Mrs Doubtfire Wig Online!

Love comedy and family-based movies that keep you laughing all the way through the movie? One of the top rated funny movies of all time is that of a Mrs. Doubtfire, acted out by Robin Williams and is originally based off the 80′s hit book ‘Madame Doubtfire’. You will constantly be on the edge of your seat rolling with laughter as Robin Williams effectively plays a housekeeper better than most women ever have. He co-stars with Sally Field in this classic hit movie about love and lessons in keeping an effective marriage together.

Daniel, who consistently is living out his childhood antics through his three children, is starting to agitate his wife Miranda who makes a living as an interior designer. When one of his children’s birthdays comes up, he hires a petting zoo to come into the house to celebrate this child’s birthday; however, since Miranda didn’t authorize this party to take place, she becomes infuriated and eventually divorces Daniel. Now broke and without any means to live, the kids go to the sole custody of Miranda. To help keep up with daily chores now that Daniel is gone, Miranda must place an ad for a housekeeper to help out, and when Daniel learns about this, he takes up the personification of a sixty year old Scottish house keeper that has the funny name Euphegenia, and eventually gets hired as the maid. Eventually the movie ends with Miranda allowing Daniel to move back in as the caretaker when his feminine cover is blown, giving the lesson to children that kids are the bond that holds all things together.

With a pair of Coke bottle glasses, greyish white hair and the look of a distinguished sixty year old woman to boot, you can look like the infamous Mrs. Doubtfire just as easily as Robin Williams did. There is a little housekeeper in all of us, and by taking a Halloween or just another ordinary day to dress up like Mrs. Doubtfire, you can bring joy to children, even if they are your own, and also be the laughing stock of the neighborhood at the same time. Preparing yourself for the feminine lifestyle may be a challenge especially if you are not accustomed to sitting down to use the restroom.

Short Tinsel Wig

The Best Short Tinsel Wig Online!

Tinsel, primarily the sparkling addition given to Christmas trees to give them luster, is also quickly becoming a fashion fad for men or women to wear as wigs much in the same manner they wear other wigs. With popular acts like Gaga raising the bar on fashion, more innovations have been developed that would give the wild and daring look while accompanying any outfit that a woman or man wants to wear. Short tinsel wigs are often worn during such fantastic gigs like theatrical displays, costume role playing between friends, or even just to take a break and go out on a party spree for a night. All in all, short tinsel wig wearers have much to be proud of.

The actual material we call tinsel was invented in Nuremburg, Germany and was actually initially made of real shredded pieces of silver. Since the cost of silver has increased out of the realm of affordability, modern day production of tinsel is general done with plastic and then coated with a metallic type of paint to give it the effect of being metal. It also had been known to be made of fool’s gold, or pyrite, but since the cost of that material was also outrageous, new innovations in manufacturing allowed for cheaper and faster methods of producing tinsel. In older days, the main concern with aluminum-based production of tinsel was the potential fire hazards that home owners faced due to the lack of proper coatings on light bulbs. In today’s age, Christmas lights are produced with enough insulation to keep the heat inside the bulb for the most part.

If you want your hair to be any length with any color possibility, then short tinsel wig wearing is the direction you need to head in. Tinsel is relatively cheap, can be customized to fit any lifestyle or need, and also is easy to maintain. You can literally have a Christmas party on your head anytime with short tinsel wigs; you can also look like an expensive movie star just by owning one of these wigs, too. The ease of care and cost effective nature makes owning a short tinsel wig more enticing now than it ever was in the past. Get your short tinsel wig today and live like a rockstar.

Blue Beard

The Meaniest Blue Beard Ever!!

Bluebeard, the 17th century masterpiece about a wealthy businessman with the same name that had an ugly looking blue colored beard that set his appearance apart from anyone else. He marries a young maiden and immediately moves her into his expensive villa, then suddenly announces that he is leaving the country, leaving the wife in charge of the villa. She is given the keys to every room that contains treasures and is told to have fun; she is then told about a room in the basement that she must never enter no matter what. And, of course, we all know that curiosity gets the best of anyone, so she goes into the forbidden room anyway.

Once she enters the room, she finds the bloodbath that is later described as the bodies of Bluebeards many other wives. She runs out of the room with a now blood-stained key and tells her family about this murderous monster. Suddenly it dawns on the maiden to flee the castle but it is too late because Bluebeard finally came home and discovers she went into the forbidden room against his commands. He vows to behead the woman; she pleads and asks for about fifteen minutes to say her prayers, giving enough time for her two brothers to show up. Just before the vicious mad man delivers the final fatal blow, the brothers kill the murderous Bluebeard, leaving all of his treasures to be split by his wife. She divides it up equally and eventually marries a wonderful man who helps her to forget the horrifying experience she just had.

This is a truly wonderful tale that is told by the late French author Charles Perrault, who wrote many other similar chilling tales. If you would love to inherit your own blue beard, then you certainly can do so. Bluebeard had facial hair that was wild and unkempt, which was utterly hideous. However, you can have a more manageable blue beard that can be shared by your friends and family as well. Blue is an excellent color for a beard and simply unique, and they are a great accessory to use when you are in a play, doing cosplay with friends, or simply want something a little exciting to go out on the town with.