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In the acrobatic, sometimes fake world of professional TV. wrestling, there have been quite a great number of acts that have taken the stage over the course of time, such as Chief White Owl, Hulk Hogan, Cactus Jack, Sting, the Von Erik brothers, and so many more. Yet, for some unknown reason, more people are associating the old school wrestling genre with a wrestling maniac that goes by the name of Richard Fliehr, otherwise known to the WWF world as ‘Ric Flair’. The Nature Boy has had several championships under his belt, and even was a booker several times throughout his illustrious career.

His wonderful wrestling career began in the early 70′s under the tutelage of Greg Gagne, another huge superstar wrestler. From that point forward, he began his run through the AWA and eventually using the ‘Nature Boy’ title when he entered the ring with such competitors as Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes and Macho Man Randy Savage. He has been the center of many different wrestling feuds and was also well-known for breaking all of the ring rules, such as utilizing moves while the opponent was on the ropes, bringing chairs into the ring, and even tossing referees out of the ring so he could use his painful figure-four leg lock on someone and either tear their legs up or causing permanent injury. As of this day, he is a key executive for the TNA Wrestling Association, yet was able to proudly end his WWF/WWE career with the same McMahons that he worked with for so many years of his storied life.

Ric is really famous for not only his signature submission moves, but his ultra-bleach blond hair that was feathered back. Anyone that has a love for wrestling or just Ric himself can surely take the initiative to get a Ric Flair wig, put on some wrestling tights, and hit the wrestling ring with honor. You can probably find a complete Ric Flair outfit somewhere online, and once you have scored yourself one, feel free to look up the Honky Tonk Man, who can still probably beat you into submission at his old age of 53. But, if you practice hard and perfect some basic techniques, you could perhaps be the next ‘Nature Boy’ success story.

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