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The American Civil war is perhaps one of the pinnacle events that has ever occurred in our history and will go down as such due to the many battles that were lost, territories that were taken over, and memorable battles that ensued on a daily basis. There are many war heroes and generals that took matters into their own hands when the situation called for it, and not many of the could direct their armies better than General George Custer, the mastermind cavalry commander of the Indian War and the American Civil War. Even though Custer was a near West Point Academy dropout, he was enlisted as a Union officer when the war began to break out, and made history from that point on.

His first piece of action was Battle of Bull Run which was the first of many different battles that he would end up fighting in. He was eventually appointed captain of his own Calvary within a short period of time, and was able to lead his troops through some of the most epic, long and grueling battles of all time. Custer is thought to have fathered a child with a Cherokee woman; however, since many researchers believe that Custer was sterile since he was in West Point, the actual Cherokee woman’s pregnancy is more than likely Custer’s brother Thomas. Many have mere speculation as to how Custer actually died with some historians believing that he was shot by White Bull the Indian, while others speculate that he was killed in action somehow. Nothing has been proven to be concrete in terms of his actual cause of death.

Custer wore the standard issue of Union clothing, consisting of the basic button down uniform jacket, hat, and boots. His hair was sort of curly and he also wore a moustache and small beard. Going to a medieval revival fair or even out for a convention would be so much more fun with the help of a General Custer wig, which would make you the talk of the Union town you are in, or possibly get you shot if seen rolling around in Confederate territory. He is a true hero of a war that changed the face of our nation forever, and you can own a piece of that history today with a General Custer wig.

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