David Bowie Exhibit…Are You Ready?

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art recently opened new exhibition, “David Bowie Is…” which features more than 300 objects spanning the entirety of the musician’s career—from handwritten lyric sheets to set designs, instruments to costumes.


David Bowie, as we look over the course of your career we are pretty sure one of your ancestors was a chameleon.  Which is great for us since it provides such rich fodder in the Halloween department!  If you are not afraid to wear clothes you have to spoon yourself into, a David Bowie costume is probably right down your alley.  His Ziggy Stardust days in the 70′s gave the world unitards missing one shoulder and one leg, glittery shirts and pants, and baby blue tuxedos.  Because unitards with vertical stripes that are missing limbs are hard to come by we’ve put together an easier look for all your David Bowie needs.  Start with the David Bowie wig in Cyclamen and pair it with a tight glitter shirt and a pair of glitter pants (don’t know how to come by a glitter shirt, check out this link to diy: HOW TO: Glitter a Shirt.

Don’t own a pair of glitter pants? Make your own with sequins: DIY SEQUIN EMBELLISHED DENIM SHORTS).

Remember to leave the buttons open on the front of your shirt almost down to your belly button.


If you can find some awesome red vinyl boots, USE THEM!  If not, you can make your own with some red duct tape (http://mycrazyblessedlife.com/2012/10/28/diy-super-hero-boots/).

Finish the look with a Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt, courtesy of Nasty Girl (http://blog.nastygal.com/style-o-rama/lessons-from-the-pros/2013/10/ziggy-stardust/) and as David Bowie once said, “You’re an instant star.  Just add water and stir!”